We're based in Saltaire, West Yorkshire - a historic village with a rich background in the textile trade. We only produce small batch clothing to enable us to deliver the quality that each piece deserves, bridging the gap between high fashion and sustainability.

Made in England

We're proud to make all our clothing in England and only use the most premium of locally sourced materials. We believe it is essential to understand exactly where clothes are produced to make more informed and conscious choices with manufacturing.

We don’t make our clothing in large factories abroad, we produce all our clothing in small batches to ensure ethical, safe working conditions and high levels of quality control are adhered to.

We Believe in Slow Fashion

We’re passionate about making quality garments that will last further than a season. Our mission is to create the perfectly curated wardrobe to be worn throughout the year, for many years to come.

Every detail matters, and the end result is a carefully crafted garment that will have the perfect fit, the highest quality fabrics, and made locally.